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Welcome to KS Inspires

Many are in a state of depression, devastated, going through emotional traumas, heartache, and a lot of challenging situations due to a failure experienced, life situations, heartbreak, and happenings around them.


They no longer see the beauty in each day. Some have even given up on love. Most people are a living dead, and might result to suicide at any given opportunity.


Yes! Life might has been unfair to you. You may have experienced constant heartbreaks and failures in your endeavors. However, there's a GOLD in you. You're a person of value. Your generation awaits your manifestation. Love is calling you again.


Remember, love never hurt you. That person did. The negative experiences life throw at you were to MAKE, and not MAR you. Turn those lemons into Lemonade. Don't remain in that state of devastation. Rise above it. Rise!!!


We at KSinspires desire to see you motivated to give life and love a chance again. With our personal experiences, life lessons, gathered knowledge coupled with the help of God. We are here to inspire you unto greatness.

Stay Strong

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If you don't begin building your own mansion today, you might have to BEG-IN your way into another man's mansion. Today is the foundation for tomorrow. Don't wait until tomorrow before you start building your life. Whatever you become tomorrow is a product of how well you utilized today. Begin TODAY so you won't beg your way into another man's life like a beggar tomorrow.

About Us

Wondering what this blog is all about?


Here’s a quick summary: It is a collection of practical, explorative lessons obtained from past experiences, real life situations, gathered knowledge from three great writers. Hence, the name KS Inspires.

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Thanks so much. I can't forget this....Greatness lies in me, I need to BE to HOLD. Wow


Inspired. Patience is the key to every thing we do in life.

Shade Tayoh

Inspiring.. I wonder how you come about this write ups.. Good food for thought.